Please read this important information before starting your search for a logo designer:


Logos are graphical shorthand images that represent a product or a company in a symbolic format.
our logo is an extremely important part of your business, before a client contacts you for your services your logo will give that potential client an impression of the type of company they are working with. The design of your logo can make your company image appear professional or unprofessional. Your logo is the beginning process of the corporate ID you will convey to the public. Typography, color and style of your logo usually molds the theme you will use for your company’s identification.

ave you ever heard the saying, you get what you pay for? This logic holds true with a logo design as well. If you spend $30 then your logo will look like it cost $30. If you want to impress customers with your business's appearance do not cheapen your identification image. Be careful of so -called designers that use clip art services. This artwork can not be copyrighted and others can use it as well leaving you with a logo that others can claim is theirs.

good logo takes time to create and there are important factors to be taken into consideration. A good designer has the ability to foresee how your logo will look when printed. Another question is how will the logo look when it is re-sized or used on a colored background?. A professional logo designer should research your competitors to see how they represent themselves. Your designer should brain storm all options, tweaking and adjusting them along with your own ideas until they have the correct image for your company.

t is more cost effective to pay extra now and receive a professional result with no future inconveniences.
How much should you pay? Logo design is usually priced depending on the customers requirements, however, as a rough guide you should budget anywhere from $250 to $650 for a high resolution, industry standard vector format either in Pantone® colors or CMYK (four color process).

Logo Design Rules:

A- Use the industry standard vector format. This is the most widely accepted file which is very flexible. Your logo can be enlarged or reduced with little or no loss in legibility or sharpness. Not all logo designers use vector based software. To prevent problems later on in printing your logo, this is the most important information we can offer you.

B- Make sure upon completion of your logo you will receive an ownership copyright notice of your logo in writing from your designer. If they don't do this then you do not own the logo, your designer owns the copyright and can make claims to the copyrights for the duration of time the logo was used.

C- Make sure your designer has a portfolio with a variety of ORIGINAL designs to show you.

D- Make sure your designer works hand in hand with the color wheel. If they do not understand how the color wheel works I would question their ability as a designer.

E- Remember "If your logo works in black and white it will work in color."

F- Last but not least, make sure your designer is willing to burn a CD with all your files including the fonts for printing. Make sure you keep your files stored in a safe place.
Most designers keep your logo backed up on either a CD or DVD but this is not a guarantee.


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