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I added this web page because I am not only a graphic designer, but I am also fascinated with
the balance of nature. A few years ago I received a Heath Cedar Bat House as a gift from a dear friend of mine.
Because of an illness in my family I never got around to hanging it up. I received the gift because
I had the unfortunate experience of waking up to a bat in my bedroom at 3 AM in the morning.
I was frightened out of my mind! I had to wait until 7 AM before
I could phone anyone to remove the creature. I was a little shocked to find out they do not destroy bats
when they remove them from a home. They protect the bats because a single brown bat can consume as many
as 600 mosquitoes in an hour! They also feed on other night-flying insects like corn borers and
cutworm moths. I highly recommended purchasing a Heath Cedar Bat House if you own a home or have a garden.
This is a great way to control insects without using insecticides.

If you would like to order a fabulous cedar bat house like the one I have, please visit
Heath Manufacturing Company's
and order yours today:

Please click on the display ad to contact Heath Manufactures for more information on their bat houses
and their great selection of outdoor products including bird and squirrel feeders.
You will not be disappointed in the quality of their products.

Heath Manufacturing, Co. has been in business since 1948.
They also sell a variety of American Flags.

I also found out bats are now an endangered species because of a disease called ,
"white nose syndrome", please view this at:

My next adventure is to build a toad house. If anyone has any suggestions please drop me an email.