The Frog In The Well
Illustrations by Pattie Caprio

Falling Feathers - Written by Peggy Bancroft
Illustrated by Pattie Caprio

Tales told still echo down the years........
Who were these brothers who hunted the mountain ridges;
traveled to visit friends across the streams; built bark covered
cabins along the trails for shelter from the unfriendly storms
of the Poconos so very long ago?
"Falling Feathers" a 160 page book written by Peggy Bancroft
and illustrated by Pattie Caprio, retells the legends and
the tales told around the hearth
fires so long ago.
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Faith Under Fire
- Written by LaJoyce Brookshire
Cover Design by Pattie Caprio


LaJoyce Brookshire best-selling author of the novels of Soul Food and Web of Deception takes a pause from fiction to share her true-life story of triumph over a life-threatening situation: Marrying a man who knew he had AIDS but who kept his deadly secret from her until his body betrayed him. In this chronicle of her first marriage. LaJoyce goes from being swept off her feet by "Prince Charming" through a series of dramatic developments with him and his family (who also kept his secret), to contemplating his murder, to ultimately changing his diapers and coordinating his care.
The frightening statistics of HIV/AIDS infections in this country only prove that there are too many secrets in too many relationships-and many of them are harbored by families living in fear, ignorance, and denial. With the statistics raging even higher for African American women, LaJoyce boldly shares her truth after more than ten years of silence. Standing on her incredible faith, then as now, LaJoyce says it's time to stop lying, start telling the truth, and begin to live life with the understanding that only the truth will make you free.

Full Cover Design front and back plus spine text.

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