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custom logo and graphic design by caprio graphic design team
isuals are extremely useful in making detailed relationships clear to
the public. Whether it is a logo, illustration, photo restoration or
any other form of advertising,  used properly, the graphics can emphasize
the type of image one would like to present to others. I have always
enjoyed the challenge of creating original designs through a logical
evolution of ideas. That is why I call myself a Visual Communicator.
With over 34 years of experience as a graphic designer, I have a
continuous insight for ideas of the future.

Throughout the years of my professional services I continue to deliver
expertise in graphic design. We specialize in distinctive logo design,
illustration, cartooning, photography restorations and other digital
. Your company logo is the window for your future business and
relationships within the business world. People identify you and the
quality of your service, by the appearance of your advertising media.
Whether it is a logo, book cover, CD or DVD cover, illustration,
cartooning or anything graphically created, it plays an important role
in the delivery of the message you are trying to convey to the public.
At Caprio Graphic Design we have demonstrated that we are the experts
when it comes to custom logo design and graphic related visuals. Our
team is fully trained in the field of multimedia graphic design. Our
company decides the most effective way of getting a message across
using a variety of methods in print, electronic, film media and color, such
as CMYK and Pantone, type, illustration, photography, website and various
print and layout techniques. In addition we develop the overall layout
and production design of magazines, newspaper ads, journals, corporate
reports, and other publications. We also produce promotional packaging
, and marketing brochures for products and services and develop
material for Internet Web pages.
We also design patterns for fabric and textiles.
See how our designs look on T-shirts!

We also do scans from 33mm film (negatives) and convert those files to
a digital image at 4000 dpi.
Send us your 35mm negatives,
we will send them back to you along with a CD or DVD containing
a high resolution scan of your photos. Our price
is as low as 20 cents a scan.

You can store all your memories on CD or DVD at optical resolutions up to 4000 dpi.
This process allows you to print your photos up to 10 X 14 and larger depending
on the quality you are looking for.

"A picture is worth a thousand words," is a true statement. For this to
happen, you need someone you can trust your identity to. Here at
Caprio Graphic Design we understand your needs; we plan, analyze, and
create visual solutions to communication problems. Throughout our years
of experience we have designed logos and corporate identities in
various styles and for many industries, including; small business, medical,
sports, outdoor advertising, real estate, website, corporate,
illustrative/cartoon, public sector, private sector, industrial, high
tech, and a lot more.

Visit our on-line portfolio samples and see the quality in our

Feel free to email our team about your logo requirements or any other
graphic related project. We will be happy to respond with immediate
answers, towards your needs. We are committed to providing you with the
best services.

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